Internet Connectivity


We can get your office connected to the internet via

Fiber Optic
Wireless Networking
Ethernet over Cable
Point to Point

Fiber optic

Ekkum’s Fiber Internet Access service allows your business to connect to the Internet at guaranteed bandwidth speeds of up to 100 Mbps. This service is suitable for companies that use mission-critical or time-sensitive applications,including applications like VoIP..


Ekkum’s ADSL based Internet access service offering is the perfect solution for small sized organizations looking for a cost-effective, dedicated link to the Internet.ADSL technology provides clients with multi-megabit, high speed digital transmission over standard, copper-based telephone lines and/or copper loops. ADSL is a dedicated, “always-on” service, with no dialing required. A single high speed ADSL connection can provide sufficient Internet bandwidth for your organization’s basic requirements

Wireless networking (Access point/ Site Survey/ Controllers)

We can connect your computers and mobile devices to internet or local network without using wires. It giving you flexibility to move around your office without getting disconnected to the network. It also provides a convenient way of accessing your resources with quick and cost effective installation. And with wireless controller you are able to control and manage your wireless centrally and securely.

Ethernet over cable

Ideal for your office desktop where the user does not require to move around. We can design and install cabled network in your office for both telecommunication and internet.

Point to Point link between your branch offices. VPN/OpenVPN/IPSec/SSL

With VPN we are able to connect your branches more securely over a public network. VPN establishes a virtual point to point connection through the use of dedicated connection, virtual tunneling protocol, or traffic encryption. With OpenVPN your data and the control channels are encrypted by the use of Open SSL IPSec authenticates and encrypts each packet during a communication session. It can be used to protect data flow between pair of host, pair of gateway or between gateway and

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