Ekkum provides  Cloud Services, IT Solutions, and Web Developement services for businesses small and large, over the Internet and on-site as required.

For Cloud Services, we work with all major public cloud providers, and we work in the private cloud space. We can offer services in the public cloud model, hybrid (public and private) model, and private cloud model, as required by the client and the client's requirements.

 We offer to setup and manage the client's public cloud setup and private cloud setup, and any migrations between the two setups.

We work to understand our client's IT solution requirements and then provide options to meet those requirements.  Ekkum provides complete IT solutions including assessing your business's technology needs. Based on the needs of the business ,  we design, implement, provide the IT infrastructure (connectivity, hardware, software) and provide support on an ongoing basis.

Organizations today are reviewing the options to outsource their technical needs. The advantage that Ekkum brings not only includes lower costs and increased productivity of your existing resources but also gives your company an access to our pool of and experienced resources who can further assist with on-going operations and future projects.

Ekkum offers web development services to design, build, and maintain,  web applications, websites and web services. We work with our clients to understand their business requirements, and then based on the scope of the requirements, we recommend solutions for the same. We have a diverse pool of developement resources at our disposal to fulfil our client's requests for Web Development services.  

We strive to provide the best customer service possible. 

Ekkum’s strategy

Ekkum helps clients start and keep their operations running and stay focused on their business, while we provide support for future growth.
  • Start
  • Run
  • Grow


  • We offer IT Advisory services to understand  a client's business requirements and then translate them to services for those business requirements .
  • We help the client choose the right kind of Cloud Service model, and Internet connectivity best suited for client's business model.  We provide options for remote user connectivity, working outside the office.
  • We assist in IT hardware and software procurement. We offer cost-effective solutions to simplify and streamline your IT procurement, upgrades and lifecylce management of the client's IT infrastructure.
  • We offer services to design build and maintain the client's website and web applications to meet the objectives for website or web application.
  • We offer services to host and manage the client's business applications and email services.


  • We offer IT services to manage and maintain the client's IT infrastructure, on-premise and or in the cloud.  The client's business applications, and it's  availability and reliability is our primary focus, so the business is always up and runnning. 
  • We monitor and update services and systems as required, for the client's operation to run smoothly. 
  • We manage and maintain the client's email services, so that commincation for the business is flowing all the time.
  • We offer remote backup services for the safeguarding client's data, and the services to test the restore of the backed'up data.


  • We constantly engage with client's to understand what changes they foresee for their business model. Based on that feedback we provide solutions to capitalize or minimize the impact those changes when they happen. 
  • We work with our clients, to provide fast covergence of skills and efforts to enable our clients to be first movers for  business initiatives and projects, which helps grow their businesses.

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