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Network Monitoring & Management software

Network is an integral part of IT setup. At times they can be very complex and may require well documented design for regular monitoring and smooth running of the IT infrastructure. Ekkum can again setup and maintain network monitoring software to ensure there are no outages. Tools such as

  • Nagios: which can monitor critical IT components including system metrics, network protocols, applications, services, servers, and network infrastructure. It can also alert and report any system failure via email.
  • Cacti: this is another web based tool used for network monitoring. It is mainly used for monitoring network traffic going through a switch or a router. OpenNMS
  • Cisco & HP Switching
  • IP Subset Design and Management for future expansions, take over and mergers.
  • Routing (Static and Dynamic Routing) and VLAN (layer2 and layer3) for more scalability, security and, easier network management
  • Disaster recovery and Business Continuity Plan
  • Fail-over Firewall Setup, Load-balancing
  • Multihomed BGP Setup for load sharing
  • Cloud Computing to maximize the effectiveness of on demand computing resources . Reducing the cost of buying and managing the hardware and software.
  • Migration local servers to cloud
  • Migration cloud to local servers
  • Data Center Setup, Migration, and Management Services
  • IP based Power Monitoring (UPS), sending alerts and notifications via email and SMS for any outrages.
  • Environmental IP based Monitoring for Temperature, Humidity and Water for Data Center & Server Room
  • Ipv6 Implementation – Design, Plan, Implement
  • VPN Setup & Management Services to secure your communication over the internet
    • Site to Site
    • Remote Users
    • SSL VPN
    • Remote Desktop Access and terminal services
  • Security Solutions
    • Firewall Setup (Cisco, Sonicwall, Mikrotik, iptables)
    • Firewall Migration
      • Iptables to Cisco ASA
      • Sonicwall to Cisco ASA
    • IDS Setup (Snort & Reporting)
    • Firewall Rules Clean-up
    • Anti-virus Installation and Management
    • IP Camera Surveillance and IP NVR Setup
  • QoS Quality of Service – we can implement QoS services on your devices to improve the performance of your network by taking measures to reduce transmission errors, delays, packet prioritization, appropriate use of bandwidth and many other measures that ensure Quality of Service (QoS).

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