Overview - Cloud Services

We offer services to manage and host your applications or workload in the Public and Private Cloud, based on your requirement or that of the application.  We work with all major Public cloud providers, and provide Private Cloud services via our Data Center sites, or to you, at your data center site.

We assist in setting up hosted application over the internet and, or via VPN connectivity, and also provide support and maintenance to manage the application on a going forward basis. Our managed Cloud Services allow the you to focus on your business, while we manage and run your Cloud services in efficient, cost-effective and safe manner.

Public Cloud Services - We offer managed Public Cloud Services on the following cloud platfroms, Azure, AWS and GCP. We provide managed services on turnkey basis to host client applications or workloads, based on the requirement. We take care of operations of running the Public Cloud, so that the client can focus on their respective business.

Private Cloud Services - We offer managed Private Cloud Services from our data center sites or the client provided data center sites.  The services run and operate applications and workloads hosted in the data center. The Private Cloud services can a part of hybrid setup where depending on requirement, some part hosting can be in the Private Cloud and some part in Public Cloud. 

Business Application Hosting - We offer managed Business Application Hosting for business application such as, ERP, Accounting and CRM to name a few. Business Application Hosting is offered on a turnkey basis, based on how much the client wants to manage the operational  processes within the respective Business Application. We offer software development services to levearge and automate processes outside of the Business Application, so as to enhance control and visiablity for the business processes which are external to the Business Application.

Managed Hosting Services - We offer managed hosting service for web applications, applications and any other workloads private or public facing, hosted in the public or the private cloud as required. Managed Hosting services are offered on a turnkey basis, where we manage running and setup and running hosting services, backup, upgrade, and build security protections around the hosted workload.

Email Hosting Services - We offer services to host or manage email services, in cloud (O365 / Google Workspaces / Amazon Workmail ) or dedicated email hosting service as per requirement. We offer services to migrate email server from one platfrom to another platform.  We offer services to backup email hosted on the public or private cloud. We offer services to archive email and store as reference for review of past emails when required. We can review current your email server setup, provide options for roadmap going forward, based on your requirements.

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