At Ekkum Inc. our prime focus is to provide quality IT services to our customers

At Ekkum Inc. our prime focus is to provide quality IT services to our customers and take off the burden of managing IT infrastructure so that our clients can concentrate on achieving their business goals more efficiently, effectively and within their budget.

IT Support for Office Computers

We can source, install, maintain and give support to all kinds of computers, servers, printers, telephone systems, networking gears and computer accessories.

System Admin Support for your Servers and networks

When keeping your own full time network administrator on staff is not necessary or not in your budget, or you need to augment your existing network administration staff, we can help. Our professional staff is available to assist you with PC, LAN/WAN hardware and software, networking and technical support. We can provide help desk support, assistance with hardware and software upgrades, software integration issues and more. We can work with you and your staff by email, phone or by connecting remotely to your network using the latest in streaming desktop software. We don’t even need to go to your facility!

Email Server Setup

Email is a vital part of any business, and some companies find it tedious to setup and maintain email server. At Ekkum we can simplify the process of installing email server of your choice either at your office or off-site on our hosted servers. We ensure your emails are spam and virus free, regularly backed up, and archived when required. We can also setup rules and restrictions for security reasons, connect your emails to outlook, mobile devices, tablets and blackberry. Synchronize your calender and contacts too.

Setup outgoing & incoming relay servers Email Server Migration
IBM Lotus Domino to MS Exchange MS Exchange to Cloud ( Google / Microsoft)

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