We offer Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Services, i.e., the services to run your workloads in our or your Data Center(s). We can run services in a hybrid fashion, leveraging the best of the Pirvate and Public Cloud. Private Cloud offers great efficiencies, complete control, and fixed costs.

Private Cloud are a good match for services and workloads that have fixed requirements in terms of compute resources. Private Cloud should be considered for data sovereignty, data transfer latency, security and compliance and the better ability to manage and maintain systems.

Business Application Hosting - We offer managed Business Application Hosting for business application such as, ERP, Accounting Systems and CRM, just to name a few. Business Application Hosting is offered on a turnkey basis, based on how much, you the client wants to manage the operational processes within the respective hosted business application, within the framework of Private / Hybrid Cloud We also offer software development services to levearge and automate processes outside of the hosted business application, so as to enhance control and visiablity of business processes that are external to the hosted business application.

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